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Node JS

Node JS is a modern and lightweight web development platform that creates Web App quickly, which releases the power of JavaScript, also it is designed to build web based modern applications for you and your businesses.


Python is popular in many fields world wide, we are using Flask & CherryPy the lightweight web frameworks to build robust and well managed web based applications for you and your business.

HTML5 & Ajax

Modern Apps use HTML5 and Ajax. They become quite powerful to handle various front-end issues, and the JavaScript libraries for Ajax like AngularJS, JQuery, KnockoutJS are must use technologies for modern web applications.

PHP or JavaEE

PHP and JavaEE have been widely used by many developers, which are common and traditional server side technologies designed for back-end development. We are using PHP or JavaEE for your well-sized projects.


Web Application Development

We are building web based applications from development to services with technologies that fit your business. To help small to medium size businesses with IT solutions in development, testing, and maintenance is our goal. Also, we can migrate your existing local applications into some online based apps at reasonable cost, which helps you to grow your business world wide.

On-line Services and Solutions

We provides any types of online services that meet what your businesses need, including online surveys, online assessments, e-Documents design and development, Data management online or in AWS cloud. We provide REST API design and development for your businesses. System integration services between different platforms through web services.

e-Documents Services and Solutions

We provides any types of data based e-Document solutions especially in PDF and HTML. Our e-Documents development and services give you full business process from your data input to complete doucmens output. Our e-Documents development includes Invoices, Statements, Business Letters, and any types of on-line or off-line documents meet your business requirements.






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